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April 2023 forecast by the Tarot Master, Sujata Malik


Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For one-on-one sessions, contact: 9811128979.



Personal: Be careful and manage your temper throughout the month, and it will ensure to reward yourself at the end of the month. There will be well-planned get-togethers with friends and families.

Finances: A positive attitude and hard work can help you achieve the desired results, earn recognition at work, and have a big chance of success.

Travel: You may take a professional trip to brighten and broaden your horizon in your profession. Travel for vacations will be postponed.

Emotions: April 2023 is an ideal time to settle down and get married if you are in love. In general, many of you may need to make some adjustments to harmonize relationships.

Health: Yoga and light exercises are essential to strengthening your immune system. Avoid overworking and exerting too much.

Colour of the month: Emerald. Lucky number: 2. Cosmic tip: Abide by the rules!


Personal: This new month will bring new things for you; people around you will see your flamboyant and fun side, which is rare.

Finances: Perseverance will be required to achieve a positive outcome in your business. Avoid negative thoughts and focus on success. Be open to new business opportunities.

Travel: You can take short, spiritual trips this month. Travelling with family and friends will help to strengthen your relationship as well as it will relax and recharge you.

Emotions: Love life will be significantly enhanced. Be careful about miscommunication as it may bring some differences in your relationships, share happiness and strengthen your marriage.

Health: You will be in excellent health in April. Avoid excessive use of electronic devices and try to sleep better. Connect with nature as it will be therapeutic.

Colour of the month: Indigo. Lucky number: 6. Cosmic tip: Alcohol is not your faithful companion; practice self-love.


Personal: This month will manifest a lot of passion in your life and bring you a lot of fortune and good health. Social commitments will keep you busy.

Finances: Your persistent and unwavering effort will be appreciated by seniors, and you will receive unexpected responsibilities. Finances will, however, remain the same.

Travel: Travel to beautiful places for personal reasons is indicated, and it is the time to unwind and relax, bringing together family and friends.

Emotions: Lack of harmony in love-related matters may cause some disturbances in intimate relationships. Avoid arguments with your loved ones.

Health: Avoid dwelling on past mistakes and drop the baggage of stress that weighs you down. Avoid mental tension by engaging with nature, yoga and pranayama.

Colour of the month: Milky white. Lucky number: 3. Cosmic tip: Do not judge yourself and others.


Personal: The month has better plans than you expect. You will be blessed with very intimate moments with your friends and partner. Overall a very happy month.

Finances: You may have so much to do that it becomes difficult to relax. Be aware of any opportunities that may arise, offering you a new job and higher payroll. Overall finances will improve, and you will achieve the desired result and feel comfortable at work.

Travel: Strong opportunities for international travel are possible. There are chances for you to go on a romantic getaway with your partner and enjoy your luxurious holiday.

Emotions: Unwanted arguments could disrupt your peace of mind and happiness. Later in the month, you will see that love blossoms as you can express your true feelings.

Health: Chronic diseases may surface this month. It is a good idea to schedule a routine check-up. Avoid junk food.

Lucky colour: Pink. Lucky number: 3. Cosmic tip: Develop self-awareness and support those who need your guidance.


Personal: If you have wanted to go ahead in your life, this month brings forward all those opportunities; embrace them fully.

Finances: Your business will likely succeed this month if you approach your profession with patience and positivity. Support from clients could secure sound finances.

Travel: You may take a solo trip this month to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It would be best if you spent time alone.

Emotions: Love life may be challenging this month, and expressing your thoughts, especially to your loved ones, will be difficult. Avoid misunderstanding.

Health: Take care of your health by avoiding junk and spicy food. Unexpected medical issues may arise; follow your routine and check-ups, and take medication regularly.

Colour of the month: Dark blue. Lucky number: 8. Cosmic tip: Weave your relationships so strong that nothing can break them.


Personal:  You will likely be rewarded this month for all you have created with your hard work and efforts.

Finances: Business-related investments will likely be successful this month, but new work responsibilities may arise. Finances will be stable, so invest wisely.

Travel: You will be too busy to consider taking a vacation; however, travelling for business meetings and a few other events are indicated.

Emotions: Love and happiness in your relationships will feel slightly restricted. Anger and guilt from the past may stop you from fully feeling your feelings.

Health: You may experience stress and issues with your eyes this month. Eat a healthy diet that promotes good vision.

Colour of the month: Sea green. Lucky number: 7. Cosmic tip: Be bold to say no, as it is needed as an act of self-preservation.


Personal: You are going to experience several positive changes in your life. Don’t be hesitant to shy away from them.

Finances: Finding the right job can be challenging for job seekers. Some major shuffling in your professional career will bring about financial losses.

Travel: You might be too burdened and stressed this month, so that travel may be difficult. Spend quality time with Nature all around you.

Emotions: All unresolved problems and uncertainties will be dealt with this month. Communication problems in relationships will cause misunderstandings.

Health: You may experience severe headaches due to your eyes or stomach. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. Take short breaks from the computer.

Colour of the month: Brown. Lucky number: 7. Cosmic tip: Keep calm and be more relaxed and open.


Personal: This month is favourable for you as your intuition will be tremendous, and you will not let anything pass away. You will also meet with new possibilities to open new business ventures.

Finances: You may face both ups and downs in your financial statement this month. It is a time to plan and start new businesses or initiatives to increase your financial status.

Travel: Few chances of benefiting from travelling this month. However, new job placements may offer you various opportunities to travel in and out of town.

Emotions: Relationships between partners can be challenging. However, if you stay calm, you can keep your head up and solve problems quickly. It is the best time to focus on understanding the feelings of others and express yours too.

Health: Avoid any unnecessary situation, and do not waste your energy on things that are not important. Maintain proper hygiene to avoid infections.

Colour of the month: Black. Lucky number: 3. Cosmic tip: Do not take everything to your heart.


 Personal: You are all set to explore new opportunities this month, and it will be one of the most exciting months of 2023 for you.

Finances: Building strong alliances is a great way to achieve success. People interested in starting new businesses will receive support from friends and family, thus enhancing their finances.

Travel: This month will bring several travel opportunities your way. You might receive positive news from foreign companies, so do not hesitate to take the next step.

Emotions: Personal life will be highly significant and romantic. Relationships will be strengthened. You may experience mood swings, so be aware of your feelings.

Health: You may need to seek treatment for skin allergies. Use skin-friendly products, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.

Colour of the month: Red. Lucky number: 1. Cosmic tip: Take life sportingly, and don’t resist your temptation.


Personal: You need to be very open-minded this month. Conflict and postponement in several activities may arise. Stay connected to nature and be grounded.

Finances: There may be significant changes in your professional life. Finding the most suitable job may prove challenging, and starting a new venture may be difficult due to financial problems.

Travel: This month is very beneficial for making travel plans. These trips will prove financially viable and also increase business opportunities.

Emotions: It is best to let things unfold naturally, and holding onto them might cause emotional distress. There may be differences of opinion, which could hurt your emotional health.

Health: You need to take care of your stomach as you may experience acid reflux, burning, constipation and other symptoms. Be mindful of your eating habits, and increase fibre and water intake.

Colour of the month: Purple. Lucky number: 1. Cosmic tip: Walk and talk to nature and appreciate its beauty.


Personal: You must be on guard to deal with some challenging situations. There might be a sudden change in your work environment, and miscommunication could lead to misunderstandings.

Finances: Prepare yourself for significant changes in your professional life. Don’t rush to make decisions without having the correct information. Planning a new venture can be profitable.

Travel: This month sees a lot of travel for you, professionally and personally. Travelling to foreign countries will expand your business and benefit your company.

Emotions: Avoid arguments with family or partners, as it could lead to a high risk of conflict. Connect to your emotions and understand that the fears and insecurity come from the past.

Health: It is vital to ensure you do not absorb negativity from the people around you. Severe headaches may be felt. Try yoga, meditation and breathing exercise to relieve your stress.

Colour of the month: Lavender. Lucky number: 9. Cosmic tip: Don’t rush to conclusions. Stop dwelling in the past, as the future will be fantastic.


Personal: This month could bring several opportunities that could change your life. You can start to chill and relax from the beginning of the month as stress levels will decrease.

Finances: You will succeed professionally and make huge profits. Take all necessary actions to increase your income and stay focused and absorbed to improve your long-term finances.

Travel: Travel will not be beneficial this month. Short trips are indicated, but there won’t be any opportunities for personal growth. You will not experience the delightful moments that you were expecting.

Emotions: You could be hurt by miscommunications, disputes and other problems. Try to remain calm when discussing your feelings and issues, as trouble could surround you, leading to strained relationships.

Health: Allergies could irrupt the skin or internal organs; this month, rely on home remedies, drink lots of water, and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods.

Colour of the month: Yellow

Lucky number: 5

Cosmic tip: Do not choose temporary pleasure over deep love. Find peace.

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