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Your Tarot Cards –March 2023


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Aries (21st March-20th April)

Personal– You will experience several positive changes in your life, including in your relationships with your family members, partners and people at work. Promotion or upgradation in some way is seen.

Finances– Your efficiency will significantly improve this month. There will be many changes in business growth that you have been waiting for. It is a favourable month to move forward or to change a job.

Travel– Too much overwhelming work may lead to stress and difficulty finding time to travel. You may, however, get an opportunity to travel abroad to complete or present some work. Enjoy the trip.

Emotions– Don’t be surprised to receive a marriage proposal unexpectedly. You will have new opportunities for love but don’t rush into things. Allow the relationship to develop, and spend quality time with your partner.

Health– This month, problems like indigestion and anxiety may affect you. You may be under a lot of stress at work, which will affect your eating habits. Stick to a strict diet, and try to stay calm and composed. Follow your meditation and exercise.

Colour of the month– Brown. Lucky Number-Five.

Cosmic Tip– Keep your calm and try to be more relaxed.

Taurus (21st April-21st May)

Personal– Be on guard as you will face some challenging situations in your career and health. Sudden changes in your work environment, misunderstandings and miscommunications could be expected.

Finances- Good luck is in your store regarding finances, even though challenges may appear. Organise your schedule as there are high chances of a career shift which will surely be in your favour.

Travel– This month sees a lot of travel for you, primarily related to work, business meetings and expansion in foreign countries. This benefits you as you may secure a large contract bringing in significant profits.

Emotions– Dedicate sufficient time to your partner and friends. Avoid aggressive conversations, and handle situations carefully. Mood swings may lead to miscommunications, so be aware of what you say or how you communicate.

Health– Stress from work and relationships may affect your sleep. Focus on proper hydration, a healthy diet, exercise and avoiding overthinking. Mental health may be affected.

Colour of the month– Red. Lucky Number– Two.

Cosmic Tip- Don’t rush to conclusions. Move slowly but steadily.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June)
Personal-You will be the talk of the town for all your actions. This behaviour will bring you fame, and you could be the most talked about in social gatherings.

Finances: You will receive new opportunities that will significantly change your finances. You will work hard to prove yourself to your superiors, and your income will likely increase decently. Switching jobs or careers is also a possibility.

Travel-This month is ideal for travelling if you have been working hard, and a break will stabilise your mental health. Engage in adventurous sports and travel to your favourite destinations.

Emotions– Relationship challenges are indicated and may require delicate handling. Nurture your love and strive to be more patient. Miscommunications could cause distance in relationships, and it’s okay to apologise.

Health– You will be supported and avoid significant health problems. However, indulging in late-night and outdoor food could cause trouble in the body. Work-related stress may also occur. Light exercises and walking should be continued to maintain a healthy balance.

Colour of the month-blue. Lucky Number-Nine.

Cosmic Tip: Engage in social activities as they will bring you a lot of fame.

Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)

Personal: You will encounter attractive opportunities at the beginning of the month, have faith, and get results that meet your expectations in making new contacts.

Finance: You will experience highly beneficial career opportunities. The planets’ alignment is favourable and will create a positive workplace environment. Financial gains are expected, and you will also have time to engage in social services.

Travel: This month, you will experience significant benefits from travelling. The stars are favourable, and you will be presented with opportunities to travel domestically and abroad, and a family holiday to the mountains is also indicated.

Emotions: This month, you will feel determined and passionate; you will work hard to reach your goals and participate in many social activities. A deeper level of romance will be experienced with your partner.

Health: Marvelous changes in health are indicated this month. No significant health issues will be seen. Regular exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, walking, and meditation will keep you going, fit and robust.

Colour of the month: White. Lucky Number -Seven.

Cosmic Tip: Live your life fully and freely.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Personal: You are all set to explore new opportunities coming your way. This month will be one of the most exciting months of 2023; approach life with a better perspective. Focus on dissolving pending issues.

Finances: You may feel out of place at work and expect challenges that will test your patience. Self-motivation is the key to success. Stay calm and optimistic, as this too shall pass.

Travel: Travel is favourable if you plan to study abroad; expect travel opportunities and positive news from foreign companies. A romantic trip with your beloved can also be foreseen in the cards.

Emotions: Positive changes are coming in your love life. Your feelings are in sync with your mind. Channel your emotions and work on your weak points to resolve relationship issues, Amend cracks in your relationships.

Health: Irregular dietary habits will cause health problems early in the month. Your health is vulnerable, and overindulging in food or alcohol will cause serious health problems. Exercise and meditation should be the focus.

Colour of the month: Brown. Lucky Number: Four.

Cosmic Tip: Take life support and do not resist any temptation. You deserve the best.

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Personal: This month, you will gain a lot of wisdom, and numerous opportunities that could transform your life are on the cards. You can start to unwind and distress from the beginning of the month. Make your family your top priority.

Finances: Many efforts in your career or work will be there, but the results may not be satisfying. As professional activities reduce, you will do more in social services and help the needy. Finances are more or less stable, and little progress is seen professionally this month.

Travel: There may be a large number of trips organised overseas as well as on land, but they will not prove beneficial for you. Travelling with family and friends or loved ones may be remarkable for you. It is a month to lie low.

Emotions: You will feel delightful this month on the love front. Single people will get into deeper lovable relationships. Love is in the air throughout the month. Do not let your professional life’s sadness ruin your personal life’s happiness.

Health: Your health will be good and breathable, and it will be excellent and benefit crucial aspects of your life. Be joyful and optimistic, and enjoy the healthy body you have worked hard to create.

Colour of the month: Yellow. Lucky Number: Four

Cosmic Tip: Everything is in perfect divine order.

Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Personal: This month, stop being self-centred and face reality. Life is not always easy; you must accept the good and the bad. Don’t seek attention; your ego will make you fall if you are unaware.

Finances: Opportunities for career growth are scarce. Avoid arguments with co-workers and superiors, as they may not have your back. If you become overly concerned with the opinion of others, they may be demotivating you.

Travel: Avoid this month as it won’t benefit you. So, stay a put where you are. Travelling outside your city or country may bring some harm, and travelling in the town may be beneficial.

Emotions: This month’s work may make you feel unvalued and discouraged. Don’t let it affect your personal life. Your partner may be satisfied with you and give you a pleasant surprise. Avoid unnecessary conversations and irrelevant chatter with your associates.

Health: Health will be excellent this month. No significant health issues are indicated. To maintain your mental peace, it is essential to monitor your stress levels. Mediate, relax and walk.

Colour of the month: Pink. Lucky Number– Six.

Cosmic Tip: Do not let your ego control you. Breathe from the heart.

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

Personal: This month, you will become more open-minded. Spending time in nature and taking long walks in the forest can be beneficial. Conflicts and delays in activities may occur through relationships that will remain healthy.

Finances: You may face tricky situations in your career, particularly in the workplace, as the environment will be highly damaging. You will work hard, but your seniors and co-workers will not provide you with the necessary support.

Travel: This month is an excellent time to make domestic and international travel plans. These trips will bring about financial benefits and may open new business opportunities.

Emotions: There could be potential discord and disharmony in family relationships. Outsiders will disrupt your family’s peace. There will be an improvement in your relationship with your partner. You can keep your professional and personal life separate.

Health: You will experience improved health this month. Chronic conditions will not reoccur. Maintain a healthy routine through diet and exercise. Avoid stress and engage in sports and relaxation.

Colour of the month: Green. Lucky Number –Two.

Cosmic Tip: Talk to nature and appreciate its beauty. Stay grounded.

Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December)

Personal: This will be one of the best months of the year as you will experience abundance, success, fame and positive news. Luck will be on your side, so make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Embrace the change.

Finances: You will have a successful professional time. You will achieve your goals. Rapid unplanned expansion in your work could be harmful. New job opportunities may come your way.

Travel: Travelling with your partner is indicated. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to explore distant lands. You may receive unexpected opportunities while travelling too.

Emotions: You will experience an emotionally blissful time. Clear communication between you and your partner and your relationship will be transparent, with all your expectations being fulfilled. If single, a marriage proposal is on the cards.

Health: This month, you will not face any significant health issues. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and strike a balance between physical health and work.

Colour of the month: Purple. Lucky Number– Six.

Cosmic Tip: Accept the changes coming your way and embrace the new.

 Capricorn (22nd December-21st January)

Personal: Plenty of opportunities await you this month, and the atmosphere will be charming. Your instincts will be strong, allowing you to accomplish many unexpected things. You will be able to break through old habits.

Finances: Difficulties in career growth are predicted for this month. If you are a business owner, expect large profits and unexpected sources of income. Be patient, as progress in your career may take time.

Travel: Travel may be limited this month. Opportunities for both in-town and out-of-town travel will present themselves. Avoid excessive travel as it could prove to be a disaster.

Emotions: You will feel passionate this month and remain motivated regardless of the outcome. Your partner will show you love and affection, and you may make plans together. Allow yourself to express your emotions truly.

Health: Your health will improve this month; no major health concerns are seen. This good health will improve your mood, so continue eating healthy, exercising, and meditating.

Colour of the month: Violet. Lucky Number: Four.

Cosmic Tip: Do not take everything to your heart and feel hurt by others.

Aquarius (21st January-19th February)

Personal: You will gain essential knowledge and information, particularly in religion. Hard work is indicated instead of relying on miracles. Arguments and encounters in close relationships are indicated.

Finances: You will see the fusion of your desires through your hard work and dedication. Your superiors will acknowledge your efficiency and your ability to handle challenging tasks. New projects will bring many benefits and be a stepping stone for your promotion.

Travel: Nothing can stop you now if you plan to take a break from your everyday lifestyle. You will have several travelling opportunities this month. Travel guilt free for a much-deserved trip with friends and family.

Emotions: There are high marriage prospects this month if you are single. Relationships will bring a lot of stability, and the love you seek will now be given to you. Express your emotions, and do not be afraid to communicate your problems.

Health: You might experience skin problems due to allergic reactions, so be careful. You may be susceptible to seasonal colds, coughs and minor throat infections. Raise your immunity by eating healthy and following an exercise regime.

Colour of the month: Blue. Lucky Number-Three.

Cosmic tip: Optimism will boost your confidence. Please be open to any changes.

Pisces (20th February-20th March)  

Personal: This month brings positive changes to your personality. Your dreams will consume you. Towards the end of this month, you may face family issues, but you will be able to manage them all.

Finances: Your career may progress differently than expected, and there will be disharmony in the workplace. Remain calm to avoid making things worse. Work hard to ensure success. Targets may take longer than expected, but things will return to normal by the end of the month.

Travel: You will notice exceptional benefits if you travel for business and other professional purposes. There will be many trips within the country, also bringing significant profits. Attending conferences, meeting with clients and taking family trips will all be memorable.

Emotions: Many stressful emotions will surface due to challenges on the work front. Practising mediation before and after work is advised to maintain personal peace. Love-related issues will disappear, and you will experience the joy of love in your relationships.

Health: This month brings positive changes to your health. Previous illnesses will be fully healed. A healthy diet is recommended to maintain good health and watch what you put in your mouth.

Colour of the month: Grey. Lucky Number – Five.

Cosmic tip: It is time to show your talents. Connect to your inner and outer surroundings.

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