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Ayurveda, recognized as alternative medicine now, represents the science of life and longevity originating in the Vedic traditions of India

Ayurveda, a traditional holistic health care system, older than any other system of medicine, has been practised in India for more than 5000 years. Its major premise involves the symbiosis of mind, body and spirit. Any imbalance in this synthesis results in physical ailments.

Perhaps Ayurveda is the first such medical system to recognize that all diseases are but the direct manifestation of one’s mental conditions.

Any disturbances in the equilibrium of mind, body and soul manifest in physical illness. In fact, the condition of body and mind are integral to the overall health of an individual. The treatment methods, diet and lifestyle regimen in Ayurveda are meticulously planned to heal the body as well as enrich the mind and the soul of each different individual.

15 effortless Ayurvedic Mantras to stay healthy and young
1. Cleansing the face

Wash your face first thing in the morning. This helps in cleansing of the dirt accumulated on the face during night and gives freshness. During winter lukewarm water is a better choice.

2. Protecting eyesight

After washing the face, take a mouthful of water; keep the mouth closed and keeping the eyes open as far as possible, sprinkle fresh water over the eyes. This is useful in promoting eyesight. Afterwards, eyelid should be gently rubbed and a tender massage should be given to eyeballs.

3. Drinking a glass of water

Drink a glass of lukewarm water after you have freshened yourself. It helps in cleansing the stomach. It is strongly advised not to take tea before the evacuation of bowels. Taking tea on a bed may develop constipation later on.

4. Evacuation of bowels

One should make a regular habit of evacuating bowels immediately after getting up from the bed. If it is not possible in the beginning, still one should try it every day, till it becomes a habit.

5. Cleaning teeth

The ideal most product to clean the teeth is with Neem twig. The top of the twig should be crushed by teeth to make it soft so that the gums are not affected while rubbing teeth. It removes the dirt of the tongue, teeth and mouth.

6. Scraping the tongue

The neem twig after cleaning may be used as tongue scrapers by folding it in two parts. Cleaning tongue is as important as brushing teeth.

7. Gargling

Gargling with plain water is common, better is to gargle with Til oil mixed with water. It is good for jaws also for the taste of food and gives a depth in the voice.

8. Bathing

Before a bath, Til oil massage is beneficial to the body. It tones up the body muscles and smoothens roughness in the skin. The oil has a multifaceted benefit; if used regularly on head prevents headaches, greying of hair and baldness.

9. Exercise

Regular physical exercise and meditation is essential to keep body and mind healthy. Yoga Asanas improves body immunity, flexibility and resistance.

10. Dress

It is suggested that clothes must be worn according to the body type and weather. Very tight outfits can cause severe health problems.

11. Perfumes

Right selection of perfume is a must as per weather, time and occasion. Good fragrances soothe mind and body. Ditch synthetic fragrances for natural essential oils and fragrances made from pure substances.

12. Ornaments

In ancient times ornaments were worn both by men and women which also served in giving acupressure at the right points in the body. All gemstones do not suit everyone; hence it is important to know the sensitivity to a particular colour stone.

13. Hair and nails

It is imperative to manicure and pedicure your hands and feet respectively. Trimming of hair, beard, moustaches is equally important to let the positive energy flow.

14. Food

The kind of food one relishes in an indicator of his personality. Ancient scriptures say it all. Ayurveda recommends vegetarian foods which give nourishment to the body and are easier on the intestines. Time and quantity of food also plays a significant role in giving you a healthy life.

15. Sex

It is a normal physical activity of humans. It should be an expression of love and passion rather than just a thing of pleasure. Discriminate the activity from the animal instinct to experience high stable energies.

With inputs from Preeti Advani, a consultant on Naturopathy & Ayurveda.

This article was first published in the print version of SUBURB October 2019 issue.

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