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International Ayurveda Cardiology Symposium


After tasting success back home in treating and reversing chronic cardiac-related ailments through its scientific evidence-based Ayurveda therapies, Madhavbaug, Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories Ltd, is now taking this unique treatment method abroad. Led by its founder and CEO, Dr Rohit Sane, Madhavbaug organised the 4th   International Ayurved Cardiology Symposium at Baku, Azerbaijan, which saw participation from nearly 200 Ayurveda practitioners from across the world.

Dr Rohit Sane facilitated 49 Ayurveda practitioners to practice evidence-based treatment in chronic cardiac and metabolic disorders. On occasion, Dr Sane also released a souvenir of evidence-based research papers on the same subject.  

The Indian Ayurveda is one of the oldest indigenous systems of medicine and practice to heal the whole body and mind. While Ayurveda has survived through the ages, the true potential of our traditional system of treatment is yet to get unlocked. We strongly believe that our scientific evidence-based Ayurveda will change the way people approach Ayurveda. In coming years, we are confident of putting Indian Ayurveda on top of the global map,” said Dr Rohit Sane, MBBS and fellowship in preventive cardiology.   

The two-day event recently saw Ayurveda cardiac specialist from Madhavbaug presenting 49 research papers on various chronic cardiac ailments and case studies supported by clinical data about Ayurvedic management of those cardio-metabolic disorders. Some of the topic covered during the event includes heart failure with preserved LVEF, congestive cardiac failure, chronic ischemic heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, Post MI management, management of DM retinopathy and management of diabetic wound with Ayurveda treatment principles. 

Under Dr Sane’s leadership, Madhavbaug has published over 150 research reports in peer-reviewed allopathic medical journals – nationally and globally highlighting its success in treating and reversing lifestyle disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity.

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