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Leading luxury consultant and talk show hostess Madhavi Advani has kicked started a series of Talk Show featuring well-known celebrities, including musicians, dancers, media personalities, doctors and more.

The idea behind the Talk Series is to connect the FB community on an optimistic note- bring some cheer. The chat show for the past one year has been bridging gaps and breaking boundaries by bringing various distinguished guests on the show from across the industries- Bollywood, Medicine, Fashion, Media, Hospitality & more. An online engaging interaction of the experts with the live audience.

In her recent FB Live with none other than the great musician & singer Kailash Kher, he spoke about his journey and also the philanthropic work that his foundation is doing during the current times. He specifically mentioned his personal support initiative, wherein the singer extends support to the upcoming artists.

 Media Rendezvous

The very recent show got some renowned media personalities together. It was an interesting influential mix of panellists who talked about the role, impact & influence of media during the current times. Sharad Kohli, Founder KCC group, Vineeta Jerath, Co-founder & Editor, Suburb Gurgagon’s lifestyle & infotainment magazine for over a decade, Sandeep Marwah, Founder & President of the Asian Academy of Film & Television, Poonam Malhotra, Editor Conscious Carma magazine, Ankit Nagpal, Director of Bang on Target PR, Vinita Bhatia senior business leader media entertainment & sports industry, all the panelists agreed on one thing that in a country like India, the influence, the impact of media is far greater than any other country.

 “It will take still some years for the traditional print media to lose its sheen in a diverse country like ours where people still have regard and trust in the print format,’’ said Sharad emphatically.

Poonam Malhotra added, ” since the social atmosphere is that of fear and anxiety, media must play a positive role in broadcasting information.  

Without mincing her words, Vineeta Jerath said, “Given the lack of verified news dissemination across media platforms, including small and big broadcasts, media has lost its trust & original credibility. The competition is to break the news first! Irrespective of its confirmation. This must change, and news circulated to the audience must be free from biases.’’

Madhavi Advani concluded the discussion by saying, “media is the pulse of the nation. Its role is to present facts, share insights, and become a platform for the voice of the masses.

Mother’s Day-family

Mother’s Day Special got together the celebrity family of Raja Reddy, devoted to Kuchipudi dance. It was heart-warming to see Kaushalya Reddy &  Radha Reddy accompanied by talented daughters Bhavana and Yamini  Reddy.

Other discussions on the show got doctors on boards to discuss current problems associated with Covid 19. Dermatologists Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, Dr Shilpi Singh & Dr Noopur Jain came together on the platform, encouraging people to look after their skin and stay optimistic

The shows are also available on her Youtube Channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQbP-JTQJAVNk6s4B5C1IA

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