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What Awaits You in the Unfolding Tapestry of 2024?


Forecast insights for 2024 from Sujata Malik, a seasoned energy healer with over two decades of expertise in various healing modalities such as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy, and more. For personalised one-on-one sessions, contact her at 9811128979.

Your forecast of the year:


2024 will be a favourable period for Aries. Even challenges will provide new learnings & maturity to shape your plans in the right direction for success & growth in all realms of life

You will begin the year with the courage and enthusiasm to proceed with any work. 2024 will also strengthen your relationship with your spouse or soulmate. If you are single, your loneliness will end. You will also get stronger in terms of health.


2024 will make you experience new learnings & achievements in personal & professional life, as well as in the realm of finances. Your dreams will be fulfilled and pending tasks will be accomplished.

Hard work braced by luck will enhance your business and contacts this year and establish you as a name to reckon with vis-à-vis business abroad. In love, you will move ahead with renewed commitment and resources. This is a better year for your health, as predicted by the 2024 Taurus health horoscope.


Excellent luck will accompany you throughout 2024, which will inspire you to do something new or take up what has been on your mind for many years now. It is a fantastic year for your relationships, while luck and hard work will establish your name in the industry or fetch you a new professional identity.

The first half of 2024 ensures a great family life full of happiness. Domestic happiness will be enhanced by visits from loved ones. There can be a change of location vis-à-vis your residence in the period after May.


2024 will begin with poems, stories & the like for Cancer – which will help you overcome the challenges that the first half of the year will bring. Post-April will be a great period, as you will roll out the process for gradual progress in your professional & personal life.

You will be blessed with incredible business success, as per 2024 Cancer career predictions, and the ability to fight obstacles. New projects and new deals will also get you recognition in foreign companies.


2024 promises to be a lucky year for Leo – it will help you fulfil long-pending dreams and bring you opportunities for progress in your career, finances & relationships.

You will be blessed with opportunities, the ability to work hard and significant achievements throughout the year. Do be prepared for sudden setbacks, though. Also, there can be some distance between spouses/partners in the last quarter of 2024. Be mindful of how you interact in the relationship. Avoid harsh language and ego tussles.


2024 promises some good news for Virgo, which will be very special. You will make great progress in all aspects of life this year. There will be challenges, but they will bring great learnings for your personal & professional life, which will steer you in the right direction.

Also, the year will bless you with the ability to finally complete any work or project that has been stalled for many years, and this development will occur suddenly. This is an excellent year if you are married. You will manage several crucial projects in 2024. You will find yourself more responsible and committed to your work.


2024 will be full of love & romance for Libra. There will be favourable circumstances at the workplace and at home. Also, the year will bring new opportunities that will manifest a new identity.

2024 will begin with a bang as you feel enthusiastic about everything around you, and the year will progress with positive results. You will spend quality time with your family. There will be small get-togethers and celebrations. You will pamper yourself thoroughly this year by buying your needs and desires.


Scorpio stands to benefit immensely from all-round positive results in 2024. There can be some challenges, too, but they will only help you to work harder & get the best out of everything.

You will travel much, even to foreign shores, this year and relish a tremendous romantic bond with your partner. You will find recognition at work, an increment in salary, happiness in relationships, and other favourable circumstances in your life. There will be new sources of income which will be revealed suddenly.


Hard work and luck will support you in a big way in 2024. You are in a position to manifest your dreams and accomplish long-pending tasks. You will receive the support of elders & seniors at work and family and friends. Be prepared to grab what comes your way, as the first phase of 2024 will bring you new opportunities. The last quarter can become a little challenging, though, but it will be a period to unlearn, learn and chisel your maturity to shape your plans and life in the right direction.


2024 will make Capricorn explore new hobbies, follow a different approach to romance or go on adventurous trips. It will be time to take the lead in all areas of your life and inspire others through your growth & confidence.

It is time to take the lead in all areas of your life and inspire others through your growth and confidence. There will be opportunities to accumulate wealth through multiple sources, and your personal life will undergo many changes. 


2024 will create favourable circumstances for you to grow and succeed personally and professionally. There will be a workload, but it will only assist you in climbing the ladder of success.

2024 will bring you great relief as you can accomplish unfinished tasks and all that is pending in your relationships. There will be happiness in family life and support from your spouse and children. 


2024 will bring you a good professional reputation. It will ensure a great equation with your partner and siblings; there can be some tough financial phases, though, but it will make you adopt a disciplined approach towards expenses.

2024 will arrive with a flourish – you can make shrewd financial decisions, invest and save money and be content with your family life and relationships.

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