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Are You Gymtimidated?


Many around would be wanting to hit the gym especially now when the air pollution levels are hazardously high in Gurgaon and morning walk to get fresh air is toxic for lungs. So here is your guide to drop your hesitation and get to the gym

While everyone wants to eat healthily, lead a healthy life and boast of a fantastic figure; but not many can sustain the hard work that is required to get the same. While it may be someone’s dream to work out on the various machines in the gym under the watchful eyes of an expert, many people suffer a different kind of problem. They are intimidated by the gym, which discourages them and spoils their workout sessions.

Below mentioned are some of the steps that one can take to overcome this intimidation.

1. Appropriate Smart Dressing

Dress up well. It boosts confidence, and one feels good about self. While hitting the gym dress well and at the same time, something that is comfortable to work out it.

2. Workout with a Partner

Working out with a partner, preferably someone whom you know is always fun and stress-free. One will always be motivating the other to move forward in the fitness journey and exercising will be an enjoyable affair. If your friend is your workout partner, the first step is taken care of as you don’t have to worry about people judging you.

3. Don’t Succumb to Peer Pressure

Don’t let your peers affect or overawe you. Learn from them and not compare. Each one has a body type and a requirement specific. In the beginning, you can start by hitting the gym at relatively not so crowded times and once comfortable can join the batch that suits you the best.

It is okay to get anxious in a new space to work -out, importantly keep your headspace balanced. It is easier to join a gym or an exercise regimen but challenging to keep it on. Self-persistence and consistency to the gym are vital to keeping yourself fit and agile.

4. Workout with Music

Music has a healing capability on anyone and everyone. Working out with music on will push you forward to burn more calories while keeping your anxiety and stress levels at bay. Importantly you will enjoy your session.

Have a playlist with some powerful songs to get you going. Remember, you deserve to be there as much as anybody else.

The gym you decide to join must have flexible timings, no hidden costs, proper equipment, and group classes.
Seriously, why is she running so fast? Is she racing a cheetah?

5. Select the Gym you resonate with

Gym that you go to must have an ambience and a comfort level to your liking. It should give you comfortable, positive vibes and not bother you by the people surrounding you. Ideally, the gym that you attend must not be very far from your place, your work or your house. It’s equally important that the gym’s style and clientele make you feel at ease.

Do not Get Victimised!
Ask for a Tour

So when you go to check out the gym for the very first time; the gym manager will make you see all rosy picture, including the juice bar and comfortable seating, diet chart and regulated menu to keep up the gym’ results.’

Remember, you are at the first level, exploring to join a place for your work out sessions. So keep your focus on machinery, clientele, tidiness of the place, locker rooms and more. Talk to the trainers and share your goals- whether you want them to keep it weight-neutral, or focus on the strength machines rather than cardio and so on.

It is their Problem!

You are at the gym for your fitness, and you love yourself! Whatever other people think about you in that space is their issue, not yours. Also, do not hesitate to openly stare back at anyone who seems to be watching you extra hard.

Take it Easy!

Last of all, just consistently going and pushing your limits a little bit every time helps to keep yourself motivated. Your endurance will accelerate gradually. Do not get over-enthusiastic for the first few days; keep it slow and steady as the body will take time to settle to the new workout pattern.

This feature was first published in the print version of SUBURB December 2019 issue.

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