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Are You Planning A Family? Everyday Habits That Affect Fertility


Some fundamental everyday habits may have severe implications for conceiving a child. Mentioned below are some of the practices that you may want to revise if thinking of having a baby

Some fundamental everyday habits may have severe implications for conceiving a child. Mentioned below are some of the practices that you may want to revise if thinking of having a baby

1. Sleeping for long hours

A normal human being requires only eight hours of sleep every day. Sleeping more than these affects the fertility of men, mentions well known medical journals. One should sleep and wake up at regular times so that the body cycle doesn’t get disturbed.

2. Excessive Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking or even Aerated Drinks

While all the three have a grave effect on sperm quality, alcohol increases the risk of DNA fragmentation of the sperms in men. In women, regular consumption of alcohol may result in foetal alcohol syndrome- complications in the foetus leading to miscarriage. Aerated drinks affect the quality of sperm in men because the heavy sugar in them leads to negative issues in hormones. It also leads to weight gain and obesity that affects both men and women who are planning for a child.

Smoking has a grave impact on both men and women. In men, there is an impact on the DNA of the sperm and in women, the entire fertilisation process- fusing of eggs and sperm through fallopian tube and placing the fertilised egg back to the womb is all affected. Smoking also impacts the growth of the foetus because blood flow to the uterus is affected. Additionally, excessive intake of Caffeine results in miscarriage. So, if planning for a family, avoid too much indulgence of coffee and tea.

Artificial ingredients, synthetic hormones, and potential contaminants could make conception less likely and may even be harmful to a potential foetus.

3. Intake of Processed Foods

Opting the easy way out, people look out at dining out options or choose packaged and processed food. While it’s on a one of basis, making it a regular habit is fatal. Processed food has refined carbohydrates that have severe implications- it can lead to obesity or type-2 diabetes or both, impacting fertility.

Frequent consumption of Processed Meat can lead to abnormal sperm counts and abnormally shaped sperms.

4. Going heavy on Soya Diet

While Soya is considered a healthy option and rich in proteins, it is also rich in phytoestrogen. The sperm count is affected with this high oestrogen levels. Also, the fad diets which are not sustainable in the long run disturbs the body balance. Women also will have an impact on their menstrual cycle and other associated disorders like PCOD.

5. Exercising

When you exercise and burn calories, there is a considerable amount of heat generated. This heat impacts fertility. Reproductive endocrinologists suggest that to increase the chances of conceiving, especially women, should relax the intensity and duration of their exercise routine if it is long and strenuous.

6. Keeping the Cell Phones in Pant pockets

The radiation emitted by the cell phones is enough to impact the sperm count and quality of sperm and thus lead to issues related to fertility.

7. A big No to drugs

All those out there in Gurgaon who seek quick gratification and de-stress through drugs must know about a greater consequence. Cocaine and marijuana use can reduce the number and quality of your sperm, and anabolic steroids can shrink your testicles.

Men who smoke tend to have lower sperm counts, and the sperm they produce may not be properly formed.

This article was first published in the print version of SUBURB September 2019 issue.

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