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Summer times there are many substances that can cause allergic skin reactions in the environment – molds, pollens, plant and animal substances. Hives (urticarial) can be triggered by heat as well as stress.

Hives are an allergic reaction brought on by certain foods, fabrics or chemicals. But other times, extreme weather, sweat or plain old stress can trigger an outbreak — without warning.  It can worsen in the summer, especially with excess sweating.

1. “In hot, humid weather, excess sweating can clog pores, causing the breakouts. Gurgaon has dry heat so I suggest people to wear only cotton clothes. The fabric helps skin to breathe. Tight fitting clothes also may cause skin rashes, so go in for comfortable clothes, says Dr Devendra Taneja, senior physician in Gurgaon.

2. Guard your skin against stress. Stress too plays a part and trigger outbreak of hives that can make up a stress rash. Hives are raised, red-coloured spots or welts. They vary in size and can occur anywhere on the body. Areas affected by hives can feel itchy. In some cases, they cause a tingling or burning sensation when touched.

3. Stress can make hives worse in those who are already prone to getting them. Occurrence of hives is more common in women and often appear for the first time in your 30s, 40s or 50s. “If you’ve had allergic hives before, you’re more likely to experience stress hives, adds Dr Taneja.

4. Avoiding stress is the first recommended treatment — but, of course, that’s hard to do, “Unfortunately, the itchiness, pain and appearance of hives can increase stress levels even more,’’ says Dr Taneja. Try de-stressing with a walk outdoors, a book-and-tea break or delegating some of your tasks.

Your Summer Guide to Clear Skin 

Keep yourself hydrated: The basic rule of surviving summer is to keep yourself hydrated. Take enough of liquids and not let dryness come on your skin. Keep bottle of water handy when stepping out of the house.

Say No to synthetic clothes: Go for earthy clothes made from natural fibers- linen, cottons are good for the season.

Keep up a good diet: Avoid eating starchy and sugary products like potatoes, doughnuts, wheat bread, oily and spicy food including soda to avoid acne which is on rise during this season.

Keep your face clean of dirt and sweat. Splash some water on your face regularly so that the oil that has accumulated does not let the acne come in. Use natural or light face cleanser to keep your face clean.

Wipe the sweat off Use a soft handkerchief or a tissue to wipe your face & neck. Do not use your hands as they usually have hidden bacteria and dirty which can cause skin infection.

Cosmetic usage- Go extra low on cosmetic usage. As skin is already sensitive during this summer time facing the heat blows, greasy and harsh products on the skin can clog the pores and irritate your skin resulting in acne or rashes.

This Article was first published in the print version of SUBURB May 2019 issue.

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