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Surgify – Your one-stop solution for medical surgeries and procedures


Surgify is a brand new online start-up to help patients access the best surgeons and hospitals for their medical procedures.

Patients who plan to undergo surgeries can now seek support from Surgify – a healthcare organization from Mumbai and a start-up founded by four industry experts Dr Rajeev Naik, Gangaprasad Gujjeti, Nadir Hasan & Srinivas Gujjeti. The online platform provides patient-centric healthcare services and offers a one-stop solution for all their surgery requirements.

The aim is to spread the network across the country to help patients in need. Currently, the company is operating its services in over 20 clinics in Mumbai and 100 partnered hospitals with 150 super specialty surgeons who consult patients in diagnosis and surgeries.

Surgify has professionals specializing in various medical procedures, including Orthopedic, Spine, Cardiology, Gynecology, Cosmetic, Oncology, Anorectal, Urology, Laparoscopy, Vascular and general surgeries. The company engages with expert therapists and surgeons well versed in the latest medical advancements and medical technology.

Speaking about the benefit of the Surgify platform, Dr Rajeev Naik says, “All the patients who visit this platform get treated by specialists with an experience of over one and a half decades in doing surgeries. This is the platform where people can get every clinical solution for their medical problems. Every patient gets into a panic/confusion mode when there is a surgery involved since there are concerns, including finance, insurance and choosing the right doctor or hospital for the surgery. Surgify ensures end-to-end solutions in selecting the right treatment at the right place with the right surgeon as per the requirement of the patient’s medical condition.

Apart from the above Surgify team takes care of all the documentation and other processes on the insurance policy approvals, food arrangement facility for the patients and the family who accompany the patient during the surgery at the hospital. Through the entire process, the Surgify team representative stays connected with the patient to guide and take the procedure ahead until the discharge from the hospital, and the patient gets back home.”

The founders of Surgify deliver the best patient experience to those who have the Anorectal issue, Urology, and another disease. The service ensures a smooth and safe process of diagnosing that gives a hassle-free solution.

“The idea to develop Surgify is to reach out to people who require medical consultation and surgeries. Our platform provides a one-stop solution to patients and caregivers – from diagnosis to surgery and during prognosis. Insurance documentation can be a tedious task; our representatives can assist in guiding the process without glitches and delays.” adds Srinivas Gujjeti. 

Patients seeking any medical surgeries or advice can visit the platform on www.surgify.in.

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