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Industry Reacts to Haryana Cabinet’s Draft Order to Reserve 75 Per cent Jobs for the State Residents


The ordinance cleared by the Haryana Government, mandates 75 per cent reservation of jobs
in the private sector for residents from the state.

The reservation quota was promised by Jannayak Janata Party Chief Dushyant Chautala, now the Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana before the state assembly election. The industry leaders consider this move not in favour of the growth of the industry in Haryana.

Dushyant Chautala

Harbhajan Singh, President of Haryana Chapter of Federation of Indian Industries (FII) has condemned the decision of Haryana Government to force the industry to reserve 75 per cent jobs for the residents of Haryana.

Without mincing words Singh said that this kind of mandates could take the industrial development to an all-time low, creating an environment of fear rather than growth & development.


In his opinion, this is a regressive step and will act as a deterrent to attract investment in Haryana. Singh further emphatically added that the industry is already going through an extended rough patch. Demand and production are all-time low.

“At this point, a decision like reservation of jobs will further, create a panic in people and a sense of distrust for the state government. The industry looks forward to reinforcement from the government and its handholding for restoring normalcy such decisions may lead to the exit of many units from the state and the industrial relation problems will increase,’’ he said.

Deepak Maini, General Secretary of the Haryana chapter of FII said that on one side the government of India is giving priority to One Nation One Law, citizenship extended to all citizens in Jammu & Kashmir and in Haryana such laws are detrimental not only to the interest of the industry but also not going to benefit other stakeholders.

Further elaborating on the new ordinance that got cleared, Maini said that instead of reservations, workers from Haryana should be provided high level of skill training leading to the creation of excellence in them so that the industry not only from Haryana but also from other states would be happy to include them in their workforce.  

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