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A Stage for Literary Luminaries


SUBURB in association with The Great Indian Literary Festival (TGILF) rolled out itsmaiden edition of FOIL – Forum of Indian Literature on 14th February amidst the poetic flavour of love and togetherness that brought Gurugram’s literary aficionados
on one platform.

Hosted in the contemporary settings of WeWorks office space, FOIL received an overwhelming response which saw the city’s prominent personalities and established poets and writers come together to share a shared love – poetry. After all, what better way to express love than some soulful poetry? It only deemed fit that FOIL should make its debut in Gurugram with a bang on the day most symbolic with love – Valentines! And a celebration of love it was, delightfully woven in the magic of words.

Foil is the combined initiative of Vineeta Jerath Grover, Co-Founder & Editor SUBURB & Amit Shankar, writer and founder of TGILF. Appreciating the concept of FOIL, Aditi Misra, the guest of honour at the event is an acclaimed academician and the Director –Principal of DPS Sector 45, said, “It was high time Gurugram too gets its own platform of art and literature. It adds to the cultural vibe of the city and adds value to the life of not just the artists, but the residents of the city as well. I look forward to being a part of more such FOIL events.”

A monthly gathering

FOIL, to begin with, will host monthly gatherings of like-minded literary enthusiasts adding zing and a meaningful event in the city’s social calendar. Talking more about the event Vineeta Jerath Grover said, “SUBURB is an integral part of Gurugram’s social fabric and always strives to offer the city residents quality and informative literature. FOIL is the perfect addition to SUBURB’s ideology and vision to enrich the cultural factor of the city. A heady mix of poetry, Shayari, Nazm, and discussions it, FOIL is all set to redefine the consumption of poetry and literary works in our country. The response has been extremely encouraging.’’

“We will invite both published and amateur poets to showcase their talent and share their work with fellow poets and enthusiasts. New themes and ideas will be explored in FOIL events to offer a rich array of meaningful writings, poetic genres to the city’s literature connoisseurs.” – Amit Shankar

“FOIL will enrich the cultural factor of the city and is all set to redefine the consumption of poetry and literary works in our country.” – Vineeta Jerath Grover

With over 20 poets taking to the stage to share their poetic expressions, it was a celebration of literature, languages, thoughts, creativity and emotions; all beautifully spun together in words and phrases was Sweta Ranjan, the ‘Sutradhaar’ of the evening. She is a senior journalist, poetess and Indian classical music aficionado. The poets and guests hobnobbed together, sharing fascinating stories and snippets of their lives, bonding over their one shared love – Poetry.

The guests enjoyed and engaged in the panel discussion on Love- Aj- Kal, the changing dynamics of the potent emotion love. It was reminiscing the journey from the times of Kalidas to the times of ‘Muni Badnam Huye!’

 “Glad Gurugram now has a platform to offer to its poets and poetry-loving residents.’’ – Renu Misra.

“The august gathering of renowned poets created magic in words and poetry. Thank you, FOIL for inviting me to showcase my poetic expressions.” – Shobha Sangwan

The Brigade of Poets Renu Misra, Sonia Pawha, Simran Jaichand, Siddhant Bhatia, Neena Waugh, Capt. Ashutosh Shekhar, Ekta Singhla, Surabhi Joshi, Shobha Sangwan, Rahul Augustine, Anurag Anand, Kavita Bhutani, Aparnaa Laxmi Singh, Ayushman Singh Jamwal, Meenakshi M Singh, Dolly Singh, Lipika Bhushan, Naisha Anand, a class 6th student was the youngest star at FOIL.

There can be no inspiration without kindred spirits, and FOIL has created a platform to boost the power of verse and grow tribes of wordsmiths. It is an essential initiative to keep the art of poetry alive and encourage artists to mine their spirits for powerful expression.” – Ayushman Jamwal

  1. Shobha Sangwan says

    It was a superb event on 14th February looking forwards for more such events in future.

  2. Team Suburb says

    Thank you Ms. Shobha.

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