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Download ‘Rise Against Cancer’ App, for all information on cancer


The Indian Cancer Society (ICS) has unveiled the ‘Rise Against Cancer’ mobile app, aiming to empower over one lakh Indians in its initial phase. Supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre and powered by Roche, the app provides comprehensive information on various cancers in English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, and Bengali.

It addresses the concerns of patients, caregivers, and information seekers, offering features like up-to-date information, community support, and local and virtual events. Aligned with the World Cancer Day 2024 theme “Close the Care Gap,” the app seeks to bridge gaps, raise awareness, and unite communities for a cancer-free future. The initiative has received praise for leveraging mobile technology to combat the global health challenge of cancer.

Jyotsna Govil, Chairperson of the ICS Delhi Branch, emphasised that the ‘Rise Against Cancer’ app, meticulously crafted in response to community needs, is designed to empower individuals affected by cancer, providing a platform to take charge of their health. The app includes diverse sections such as an information hub, resource library, events, community and support groups, and a dedicated news and updates section.

In recognition of this historic occasion, Kishore Rao, Chairman of ICS Karnataka, highlighted the significance of accurate and complete information in combating distress caused by misinformation, especially during a shocking cancer diagnosis.

The ‘Rise Against Cancer’ app, developed by ICS, aims to provide correct and comprehensive information in one accessible platform, fostering a proactive approach to early detection and intervention. The collective positive actions of ICS are intended to inspire people to stay ‘Two Steps Ahead of Cancer.’

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