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It is said that dreams reflect the preoccupations of waking life, such as relationship, sex, work and health. These symbols have no latent or unconscious meaning. SUBURB compiles 15 common dreams and symbols and their meanings.

1.  Falling – Falling often means serenity and the act of letting go. Falling uncontrollably from a great height indicates something feels very much out of control in the waking life.

2.  The danger sign – If you keep seeing the danger sign a lot of times in your dreams, then it possibly is a warning about a recent decision that you might have made. It is indicative of a recently made decision gone wrong.

3.  Killing someone/yourself – Relax​!  Killing in dreams doesn’t make you a murderer; it only represents your desire to ‘kill’ a part of your own personality. It can also symbolise hostility towards a particular person.

4.  Being chased – It means that you are feeling threatened by something in your waking life. It could also mean that you are repressing a thought or anger, and you wish to run away from the same.

5.  Waterbodies – Water symbolises the unconscious mind. A calm water body reflects inner peace, while a turbulent ocean can suggest unease.

6.  Being trapped – If you often dream of being trapped somewhere and struggling to escape, then it means that you badly want to escape something in real life, but you are unable to do so.

7. Taking exams – If you find yourself sitting in an examination room and trying to solve difficultly questions, then you probably need to reevaluate the past and look for some unfinished chapters.

8.  Birth of a child – If you keep dreaming of these births, it is probably a hint for you to make new beginnings (of any kind). It could also mean your desire of producing life.

9.  Getting a haircut – Hair is a symbol of sexuality. If you dream of getting a haircut repeatedly, it probably means that you are experiencing a loss in libido in real life.

10. Tied hands – Repeated dreams of tied hands can indicate helplessness in your real life. Try finding what is keeping you in this situation and break free from it.

11. Drowning – Seeing you drown is one of the most horrific dreams. Such dreams are stemming from feelings of hopelessness in your conscious life.

12. Running but not reaching anywhere – If you are constantly seeing this dream, then you are probably feeling being held back in your life.

13. Being naked in public ​- Means that you are bogged down by feelings of vulnerability and insecurity in life. Showing off your nudity may suggest sexual urges or a desire for recognition.

14. Plane crashing – This is no premonition. It just means that you cannot let go of the failed ambitions in your real life.

15. Death – The death of a friend or loved one represents change (endings and new beginnings) and is not a psychic prediction of any kind. If you are recently bereaved, it may be an attempt to come to terms with the event.

 Dictionary of dreams

1.   Abdomen: If you dream you have pain in your abdomen you will gain health and vigour.

2.  Bazaar: It is a happy omen. Domestic happiness ahead.

3.  Destruction: It is a warning to curb your impulsive reaction.

4.  Death: If you see your death in your dreams, it suggests release from all your worries.

5. Earthquake: It signifies a complete change in the present circumstances.

6.  Fear: If you get frightened in your dream, and the cause remains undisclosed, then there are indications you may face trust issues with someone close.

7.  Lizard: It signifies a false friend in your circle friend circle-a warning to identify.

8.  Sunday: Dreaming of Sunday when it is not signifies coming changes.

9.  Vegetables: Eating vegetables signify the time of ups and down.

10. Wedding: It is a symbol of a happy but brief interlude.

The compilation is inspired by Fascinating Word Of Dreams, authored by Vinay Mohan Sharma and other expert​s on the subject.

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