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E-Raahgiri Day


Sunday, the 23rd of January, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram and Raahgiri Foundation inaugurated the first E-Raahgiri Day. The event took place from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Raahgiri warmed up its online presence with a turnout of over 700 people.

The event was hosted to keep the critical conversation around road safety and air pollution issues alive and promote physical and mental health during these challenging times. Raahgiri Foundation decided to organise an online platform hosting similar activities to physical Raahgiri Day that people can participate in from the comfort of their own homes was the best way to meet these objectives.

It was a novel idea to organise a Raahgiri Online Zoom event with five different breakout rooms where participants could enter. There was a health and fitness room with an online Zumba session organised by Hype Gym, an online Yoga session by Sarv Samridhi and a fitness activity by Mihika Gupta.

A creative corner room for children wherein children participated in painting and slogan writing competitions. The third room was for the quiz and games room.

Experts were invited to speak on road safety and air pollution issues. Ms Devika Malik, Ms Mihika Gupta and Ms Ankita Chaudhary SDM, Gurugram said on important public health subjects and more. Mihika, a well-known face in Gurugram emphatically spoke against the menace of underage driving plaguing the city. Who should be held responsible for the act? Should parents be held accountable for their underage children behind the steering wheel? Finally, there was an open mic room where participants were invited to drop their inhibitions to sing and dance.

“When we take a look at the death and injury numbers due to lack of road safety and air pollution. We realise how important it is that we continue to keep the conversation around these issues alive and continue to educate the citizenry,” said Ankita Chaudhary of SDM, Gurugram.

Schools that participated and supported Raahgiri included DPS School Gurugram, Happy school, Warrior Moms, SUBURB, Kalagram Gurugram, Wheeling Happiness, Asar, Agrasar, Lung Care Foundation, MissionHealthy with Mihika Gupta and Teens of God. Knowledge Partners WRI India and Nagarro. Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd supported the event.

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