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Tips & Tricks to manage Work from Home


The New Normal is here to stay, and many companies have already extended their offer to employees to work from home (WFH). Certainly, WFH, as rosy it sounds may not be so for all practical reasons for either of the gender. We bring forward impactful yet straightforward ways for you to WRH without burning out your energies.

SUBURB in conversation with Harbhajan Singh, Chairman- Ease of Doing Business, CII Haryana, Ibha Lal, working as Senior VP & Group CHRO Lumax DK Jain Group, Meenakshi Khera, Director HR, Evume Selection Robot, Reema Garg Director Chalk Talk, Aastha Dhingra Hasija, Assistant Professor SGT University & Clinical Psychologist.

Ibha Lal

Ibha Lal in her capacity as a senior leader in her company says, “theworking women are impacted dis-appropriately hard as work, personal responsibilities and demand for their time has increased manifolds. Until and unless they manage their energies right and keep a structured routine to balance work and home it may not be easy for them to keep afloat.” She suggests, to prioritise work. “Decide for HPAs & LPAs-High Potential & Low Potential Activities must write everything necessary for you and your health because written goals are more powerful than the verbal goals.  Do not take up all HPAs at the same time. You can pick one HPA, two medium HPA and 3-4 LPAs, if you can complete these in a day, you would be satisfied and contented.  

“Manage your energy, not time. If you have energy, your mind will work more efficiently, and you will not fumble.”

Meenakshi Khera

Meenakshi Khera says, “Things that were once simple to do in the office, such as staying on top of priorities, tasks and deadlines become difficult, and you can find yourself disorganised and scrambling to get work done.”

To streamline the entire day without getting overwhelmed she recommends, “dedicate 30 minutes of your morning to looking over all the work you need to get done for the day and set a time frame for how long you’re going to work on each task. Since no fuss to commute to work, one can start the workday early and designate a specific spot in your home to do your office work.

“While planning out your day, make sure you include spots for breaks! Just because you’re home doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to breaks.”

Reema Garg

Reema Garg, puts across emphatically, the workplace has entered the home for an indefinite period, and women already saddled with juggling office work, household chores, including childcare responsibilities. Some RWAs refusing entry to domestic help in major cities, women, are bearing the brunt of additional responsibilities. It’s time not only for improvement but also for improvisation.”

It’s time to build trust in your team and work with a deeper understanding of the overall situation.” Putting a strong point talking about the awkwardness of WRH are online video meetings at odd hours. It pushes more mental and emotional burden on the person to make the surroundings clean & proper for the call.”  

“In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can be better.”

Aastha Dhingra Hasija

Aastha Dhingra Hasija, as psychologist firmly endorsees to get dressed up each day as if to go to the office. “The routine shall keep you agile as a person, and the rest of the family members shall also take you seriously. Let go of perfection as You won’t have all your files, printer, scanner readily available. Stressing out for these things eat up your mind space and energy. Adapt to the new normal and do the best with the available resources. “Go home” on time every day. Decide what time you would finish up for the day, and when the clock gets there stop working and leave your work. Politely excuse yourself from conference/video call where you don’t need to be there. It may happen when you learn the art of delegation. Don’t fatigue yourself. It might lead to a breakdown in the future. Seek help from co-workers, spouse, and family members and discuss dividing tasks amongst each other.

“There’s something so special about a woman. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never say “No”.

Vineeta Jerath Grover

Vineeta Jerath Grover, Founder & Editor SUBURB says, since these are vulnerable times, working couple with relationship issues should set boundaries, and both parties align to make a non-negotiable list so that the other does not step in the other partner’s domain and disturb work and peace and home. Work responsibilities if not divided among all family members, it may get difficult for one person to do it all and remain mentally & emotionally healthy.”

There is too much to juggle on both physical & mental fronts for all individuals. The current scenario requires sensitivity, support & respect towards each other’s space – both personally & professionally.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, a corporate leader with extensive experience, is a strategy & people’s person, says, “The most important thing during these times is to remain mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. Office work has entered home space for indefinite period hence on priority the sanctity of the home or family must be upheld. It’s better that each one in the house has a designated personal space or work area. Not just adults are work stressed; even children attend online classes, mutual respect for all in the house is a must. If the environment of the house is peaceful, the rest gets managed cordially. Importantly do not over commit to your boss nor expect the same from your team members. Give them space and trust them.”

“It’s time to stand together and support, until the storm passes since each one is going through turmoil, some visible and more of it invisible.”

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  1. Anuja says

    The much needed article ! Work from home can go all wrong of the personal and professional lives start intruding into each other’s spaces, but with a meticulous and carefully planned schedule and discipline, it can work wonders in these testing times.

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