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GuruJal – Water Saviours


Mojabad Pond gets an artistic makeover in Gurugram. SUBURB in conversation with Shubhi Kesarwani, Project Manager – GuruJal

The diminishing levels of underground water table have been a growing concern for Gurugram and other parts of Haryana. To combat this issue, GuruJal initiated a ‘ponds restoration & rejuvenation’ project in May 2019 to help recharge the ground water and address the impact of climate change through the rejuvenation of ponds. Most of the ponds in Haryana are either dry waste dumping sites or have sewerage water flowing in them.

Renovation of Ponds

Under the GuruJal Project, 320 ponds in the district have been earmarked for restoration and rejuvenation work. In the first phase, work on 17 ponds are underway. These ponds will help to treat 80-90% of waste water through STP and convert it into usable treated water collected in the ponds which percolate and recharge the ground water. Once the water bodies are ready, 15,000 – 40,000 liters of water can be augmented daily to recharge groundwater at different pond sites.

“In one year we target to complete 30 pond sites in the region,” says Project Manager Shubhi Kesarwani. “Three of these have been completed and we are working towards completing 17 sites in the next 3 months.  This is peak season for construction but COVID-19 slowed us down. We are working in full acceleration now. Some ponds are within 1 acre size while some are of 3-4 acres area. Ponds in the rural areas, Municipal Councils area and Municipal Corporation Gurugram have been identified for 1st phase of rejuvenation.

Landscape & Aesthetics

Currently, ponds in Iqbalpur, Harchanpur, Bhorakala and Mojabad have been completed. Large-scale afforestation will be carried out in the area available around the ponds to provide a place of recreational activities for the residents and playing area for children living in the locality amidst the clean environment.

Recently, an art activity was also undertaken at the Mojabad village pond site where the pond work is 95% complete. Mosaic artist Kanika Singh of Mini Mason supported the art drive that saw various volunteers and villagers participating in beautifying the entrance of the park next to the pond. The mosaic art will lend an aesthetic appearance to the recreation area that has swings and obstacle paths for the children to play.

In a bid to enhance our environment and preserving our eco-system, 910 plants were also planted with the help of Civil Defense Volunteers and villagers,” adds Shubhi. “This project of restoring the ponds will improve the management of waste water & groundwater and accelerate the rejuvenation process of the water bodies selected under the project.

The GuruJal team comprises of 22 members who are working towards the restoration of ponds, biodiversity management, water leakage fixing as well as developing water consciousness among the children and society at large. The team works under the District Administration and its various departments for the smooth functioning of all its operations.


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