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Is Marriage an outdated institution?


With passage of time, marriages are not solemnised as they earlier used to be with parents having the last word of finding the ‘right’ match.

A short film, “Toh Rishta Pakka” on YouTube uploaded recently explores the Arrange Marriage Phenomenon. A Valentine’s Special by a debutant director, PK Anil Kumar is a must-watch.

It is an age old customary ‘right’ of parents in India to find the match for their children. The process of finding the ‘best suitable’ partner may be long but interestingly when found the two stakeholders, the boy & the girl to be married do not usually get enough time to know the potential partner. What are the downsides of ‘Jhat Mangini Pat Shaadi’?  

The film depicts the aspirations from both the sides, half expressed desires and more.  She wants to tell the truth. What came in the middle that Keira had to call off her wedding with Adi. A love story to remember, a phenomenon ‘marriage.’

Will she say it? And if she does, how will Adi react?  To know what happens next, watch:


PK Anil Kumar

About the director

PK Anil Kumar, Creative Head & Partner at Windchimes Communications with a comfortable hand on seven languages, having spent over 25 years in the advertising & communication industry, writing, acting, co-directing ads and short films, penning screenplay, dialogues and lyrics for feature film, he is very upbeat about his new film. Donning the hat of director, along with his highly talented team & co-workers of LearnAur an Edutainment channel, currently is focussed on making short, entertaining films highlighting social issues. 

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