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Children came together to celebrate Sapno Ki Udaan, a call for inclusion & Diversity


Pure Hearts, an NGO by the Children for Children in Need, organised its sixth edition of Sapno Ki Udaan 2023 on 22nd April to raise awareness of autism and celebrate the Diversity and uniqueness of individuals on the spectrum of autism.

This magical evening filled with music, dance and drama was the dedicated efforts of Pure Hearts children, volunteers, students from leading schools in Gurgaon, non-profits, and renowned artists on the autism spectrum who came together to spread awareness & sensitivity, augmenting support for an inclusive platform.   

Some of the header turners for the evening included the soulful vocals of Benzy, a winner of three national awards, despite autistic speech difficulties, found her calling in music. Shivang Agarwal from Action for Autism, Adyayan, a ten-year-old and Abhiroop set the inspirational note and showcased their uniqueness and talent. The true spirit of an inclusive community came to life with the inspiring performances of children with special needs and underprivileged children from non-profits such as Vishwas School, the celebrated A.L.P.A.N.A. dance artists with special needs and exemplary on-ground support from the interns of Evoluer Solutions.

Kathak artists from the troupe of Guru Jayashree Acharaya – Rasik Performing Arts, the heart-winning performances of the children from non-profits such as Bagiya (Sanshil Foundation), Neev Learning Centre and Lotus Petal Foundation, stood in support of the cause and acceptance of the people in the circle of autism.

Seeing students from renowned Gurgaon schools participate in the oneness campaign spreading awareness for neurological disorders, was inspiring. The Shri Ram School Aravali & Moulsari, Scottish High International School, The Shriram Millennium School, Heritage Xperiential Learning School, and DPS International gave a pulsating performance and enthusiastically interacted with the audience and mingled with people with special needs. The street play from the students of Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon, highlighting the spirit of inclusion and celebrations, was well thought-out.

Rajiv Misra from Scottish High International School shared, “Events like this awareness campaign strengthen all endeavours to improve the quality of life of those with autism as an integral part of society.” An added blessing to the celebrations was the stalls displaying creatively handmade products/paintings by the non-profits Radhika Foundation and Ek Koshish and Pure Hearts children on the spectrum of autism. Namita and Parthav, Pure Hearts children, shared, “We are motivated by the compassionate spirit of all schools, non-profits, artists, and the Gurgaon community.” The evening concluded with over a thousand audience standing in oneness for the National Anthem to express solidarity with the cause.  

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