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Bharat Thakur spent his time in quarantine, bringing alive a yoga app that will help people stay fit while cooped up at home.

The yoga app has tailor-made sessions that you can practice at home. The App custom creates information capsules and courses that address specific health issues, including heart care, diabetes cure, and sessions to fight hypertension.

His followers and lovers of yoga can now download the app and complete an entire session of yoga, following a qualified instructor, step by step.
“It is my gift to the people of India. A very vital one in these times when we are all learning ways to remain fit at home. The app lists many ways to boost your immunity, yoga being paramount to that. Research proves that exercise is the greatest immunity booster, and I think every Indian must download this app and practice yoga. We are Indians, and our body responds best to yoga,” shares Bharat Thakur. His technique of Yoga combines science to movement.

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