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Wedding Planning in a Pandemic


The world needs to heal, and we have to give it time. But if you are engaged to be wed, here are a few ideas on how to use your time productively from The Wedding Brigade, India’s one-stop-platform for everything weddings: content, e-commerce, and services.

1. Research

The silver lining is, you now have bonus time to perfect and include everything in your wedding that you might have missed out on earlier. Look for options and explore different ideas for your decor, make up, Sangeet, and more. 

2. New Designers

Now is the time to help out smaller businesses. India is brimming with talented garment & jewellery designers across the nooks and corners of the country. Look for fresh designers who can help you build your wedding trousseau. Not only will you be encouraging their art, but you can save a bit of money too.

3. Scenario Mapping with Family & Friends

Talk about your concerns with close friends and family members and ask them what’s on their mind. Maybe consider trimming down the guest list, or moving the wedding to your home town. Talking about it with your partner will definitely relieve stress and make you feel lighter. After all, you both are in this together!

4. Review Paperwork

We recommend that all engaged couples review all official wedding paperwork. Read all your contracts carefully before signing on the dotted line. Ask for flexibility and understand mutually how you can best salvage the situation in the wake of a pandemic. Knowing your options will take away some uncertainty.

5. Wedding Insurance

If your wedding is more than two months away, now is a good time to look into wedding insurance in case the coronavirus forces more weddings to be cancelled over the summer months. Don’t take chances.

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