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‘Around The World in Two Days’- a global cinematic experience in Mumbai by TGIFF supported by SUBURB


The Great Indian Film Festival, the brainchild of Gurugram resident Vevek Paul, will showcase some extraordinary short films from across the world at a two- day event in Mumbai on 27th& 28th March 2021.

Vevek Paul conceived the Great Indian Film Festival (TGIFF) to encourage small & aspiring filmmakers worldwide and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. The festival is set to take forward its vision to screen a noteworthy cinema by taking the festival to the city of cinema, Mumbai.

All the movie buffs who want to explore a different cinema experience than the usual, head to PVR Infinity Mall in Andheri in Mumbai on 27th& 28th March to watch the screening of some amazing short meaningful films showcasing the world culture. SUBURB, a leading media publication from Delhi-NCR, is the official media partner of the film festival.

The Mumbai Dream

TGIFF is all set to vow Mumbai cinema-goers with a notable line of both Indian and International short films and documentaries in the upcoming two-day festival. Opening the festival with the 2020 Oscar-winning film ‘The Neighbor’s Window.’ TGIFF is setting the tone for the scintillating movie line-up that will leave the viewers in awe of cinema’s magic. The opening ceremony will have Gulshan Grover and Vikram Phadnis as the Guests of Honour.

Vevek Paul

“This year’s event will truly be one of its kind film festivals for short films. Some well-known faces of the Indian film industry will showcase their films as a special screening during the festival, says TGIFF Founder Vevek Paul. “The first edition of the festival will be happening in Mumbai in one of the most prestigious multiplexes of India- PVR – the PVR Infinity Mall in Andheri. It’s heartening to see that in the first year itself, TGIFF has got some great talents from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Syria, Tehran, Singapore, Korea and, of course, our native filmmakers have enthusiastically sent their entries to the fest. The festival will also feature student films, and the young and the professional filmmakers will both share the same red carpet and screening experience,’’ says Paul. 

Vineeta Jerath

With the stupendous rise in popularity of the OTT platforms, the Indian audiences have developed an unprecedented interest in global TV content, shows and drama. “Today, there is far more acceptance and interest of global cinema than it was probably even before the Covid-19 the pandemic came into our lives. The global selection of films at the festival will definitely be a treat for those who truly love great cinema, says Vineeta Jerath, Co-founder & Editor SUBURB.

Some of the films lined up at the festival are The Neighbor’s Window, Brotherhood, Smile Please, Hichki, Spotless, among others. 

TGIFF sets the stage

A touring film festival instituted to celebrate world cinema on global platforms; with TGIFF, Paul aims at offering an opportunity to both professional & amateur filmmakers, students and cinema aficionados to share their work and showcase their filmmaking talent to global audiences. It’s a stage set to bring in good films to light that are not able to reach the audience due to restricted budgets and lack of resources.  

The festival began its journey in October 2019 in Gurugram with the event series ‘Open Frame,’ an arm of TGIFF, which weekly screened award-winning & highly acclaimed films from various countries in the city, thereby promoting the cross viewership and exchange of art & culture.

OPEN FRAME events in Gurgaon

An import from the world of finance, Vevek Paul is a young and dynamic producer and creator passionate about meaningful cinema that transforms and entertains the audience. He is committed to providing a fresh perspective that breaks away from the conventional and producer of a few short films, mobile films and music videos. His short films on various social issues garnered critical acclaim, which motivated him to start a festival to offer similar filmmakers a platform to showcase their talent.

“The festival promises to be a great amalgamation of talent from young to old, new to the veteran, and people will be able to see and learn from some great cinema,” adds enthusiastic Paul. 

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