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Holistic approach towards wellness during Covid-19


The Ministry of Ayush and District Administration of Gurugram have stepped up their efforts to extend support and health awareness amongst citizens of the city during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SUBURB In conversation with Dr. Manju Bangar, The District Ayurveda Officer of Gurugram.

Dr. Manju Bangar

The Covid pandemic came with a lot of anxiety, speculation, confusion and a deep fear about the virus. While Gurugram citizens complied with all the administration laid norms, there was still a lot of ambiguity about covid related wellness, heath precautions and treatment routes.

The Ministry of Ayush has issued special recommendations, based on Ayurvedic literature and scientific research for preventive health measures and boosting immunity with special attention to respiratory health.

“Since the Covid pandemic began spreading in India, we have been actively working in the sphere of wellness, heath precautions and treatment routes for Covid-19,” says Dr. Manju. “We are working on both preventive and curative fronts with Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga being the three core principles of Ministry of Ayush.

Preventive Homeopathy

Under Homeopathy, specific preventive medicines are advised such as Arsenicum album-30, wherein a morning dose of 4 pills are to be consumed just three days in a month and are to be repeated every month till Covid persists.

Preventive Ayurveda

Similarly preventive Ayurvedic medicines such as Guduchighan vati, Sanshamani vati, AYUSH kadha, Anu taila and Agastya haritaka (to Geriatrics only) have been recommended and put together in a kit for distribution to those who are vulnerable as these medications can boost immunity of the body.

“We have provided nearly 1.6 lakh such immunity booster kits in the identified containment zones, with special focus on those aged above 60 or having co-morbidities.  The Red Cross volunteers too supported us in promoting these immunity booster kits. One cannot attain strong immunity in a day and people are not aware about. We recommend atleast 15 days and also encourage the consumption of homemade ‘karhas’. We motivate people to plant their own Giloy plant and other medicinal herbs at home.”

Curative Ayurveda

Under Curative Ayurveda practices, patients who are asyptiomatic or symptiomatic and under Home Quarantine; a medicinal kit is provided with ayurvedic medicines and as per their symptoms.

“For Ayurvedic treatment of covid -19 (asymptomatic/mild symptoms), with patient’s due consent we are providing Mahasudarshanghan vati, AYUSH-64, shadangpaneeya and some other medicines as per requirement and prakriti of patients. We have treated more than 600 patients and are continuing to do so. We even deliver the medicines to patients if they need this support from us.”

District Administration Gurugram

Shouldering their support to Ministry to Ayush, the district administration of Gurugram is helping the residents share their grievances and seek help from reliable sources and channels.

They help facilitate virtual interactions of patients with a panel comprising psychologist, psychiatrist and an Ayush representative. The Administration sends a personal one-one link to the patient for him/her to share their issues in a personal interaction and seek both medical as well as psychological consultation.

“The District Administration has wholeheartedly supported the citizen outreach initiative of Ayush and have provided manpower in terms of volunteers and in all other aspects as well. We have gotten a very positive response from all patients who have been offered care and consultation as per guidelines issued by Ayush Mantralaya. Till date we are following them and since there is no side-effect with Ayurveda, the positive outcome in patients has truly encouraged us to serve the community at large the best we can. For many people, the morning tea has been replaced by Karha…so the change is definitely happening.”

TOP Guidelines by Ayush Mantralaya

  1. Drink warm water through the day.
  2. Practise Yogasana, Pranayam and meditation for 30 minutes.
  3. Include spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander & garlic in your diet.
  4. Drink herbal decoction (karha) made with tulsi, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger and raisin.
  5. Have hot haldi milk twice a day and 10 grams chyavaprash daily.
  6. For sore throat/cough, do steam inhalation with fresh mint leaves or ajwain. Have clove powder mixed with little honey 2-3 times a day.
  7. Apply sesame/coconut oil or ghee in both nostrils morning & evening.
  8. Practise oil pulling therapy with seasame or coconut oil

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